Surgical mask  

Surgical masks protect primarily the wearer's surroundings mask when it is sick, he blows his nose, coughs, spits or sneezes.

They also play a protective role against the projections of the caregiver of a patient. In other words, the surgical mask prevents the sick or likely to be contaminating the environment.
Surgical mask with elastic high filtration 3-ply - not sterile

A surgical mask is designed with three layers of texture which guarantees a filtration efficiency greater than 98%.
The filtering principle combines the effect of three layers of polypropylene fiber-free glass.
The contact and fit are perfect through its anatomical shape to the shape of the nose and face.

Medial pleasant.
Fixing hypoallergenic latex-free elastic ear.
Breathing comfort is assured in spite of constant pressure on the face mask.
Folds and thus promoting a significant breathing room.
One size.
Color: blue, white and green.
Mask 3-ply non-sterile single use.
Dimensions: 175 x 95 mm mask - ear elastic 21 cm - Weight 4 grams.
Use: Protection device for medical and dental examinations, early surgery and industry.

• No fiber glass
• Hypoallergenic
• Allows easier breathing
• Fits easily on the nose
• High filtration capacity
• Held perfect

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