About Us

<<It's with your own clay that you have to shape your pot. >>


Consomed, which is less than 10 years old, was created to address the import of single-use medical devices and boost the development of this industry nationally and regionally.

Starting from a few machines workshop, Mohamed Alouini, founder and current CEO, has rapidly developed a range of clean and sterile products that make Consomed a current player in the local market.

Installed on more than 5000 m² and with more than 200 employees, Consomed is positioned to be the leader in the Tunisian market and is confirmed as a reference in some sub-Saharan Africa and Middle East markets.

In the long term, with the start of production of its second plant, Consomed intends to strengthen its R & D and production capacity by focusing on improving its processes.



To offer our partners, customers and the patient a suitable, comfortable product of the highest quality.

Our values

Team work





  Mohamed Alouini chose to follow technical studies (Maintenance of Medical Devices) after a bachelor's degree in mathematics. It was during an internship in a hospital that the idea of Consomed was born.

From the incubator, to the nursery and the workshop, Mohamed Alouini has surrounded himself with a team that has allowed him to develop a distinguished know-how while increasing Consomed's market share. A tireless worker, Mohamed Alouini is still a driving force in innovation and the development of new products.